Saturday, 28 April 2012

seattle happy hour

One of the major challenges that any drinking establishments encounters is drawing customers, specifically during the early evenings and the late afternoon. A few customers might stop in after work for drinks before going home, but several bars stay quiet empty until about 8 or 9 o’clock. In order to get more customers within these slow times, several bars offer beverages at discounted prices and other special treats in a time period called happy hour.

Going for a drink could be rather expensive.  The greatest mystery of bars is the fact that you’re travelling from home to pay someone to pour out liquid from a bottle which you could have easily done at home for a fraction of the price. Seattle’s bar and pub culture continues to flourish even in these economical crisis. The key is a great designed happy hour. Think about a few of our favorites.

Cafe Campagne
Want to impress a tourist or a date? Or do you want to treat yourself and a friend to some French food and great wine in town. The happy hour has 3oz tasters of great wines starting at $2.25 to $5.50.  The food has some great deals such as a pommes frites with aioli for $4 and $1 for a pate sandwich. This café is located in Post Alley by the market and is one of the greatest locations in town. 

Galway Arms
If you’re not looking for tasteful cocktails, then go to the down-to-earth Galaxy Arms in the U-district. To get your best alcohol by volume (abv), there are some better choices than this stumble and coarse Irish bar. They offer microbrews, cheap drinks, a veggie hummus plate and unexpectedly good fish.

5 Point Café
This is one of Seattle’s oldest and always opens bars; 5 point rarely attracts locals and tourists. Although it does not serve alcohol it is open all day every day, 7 days of the week, it is the definition of modesty. Tryout the soft-shell tacos and the Mac and cheese wedges. Start up a conversation with a regular, and you might just be regular yourself before long.

Zig Zag Café
Murray Stenson is the best bartender in Seattle and no one wants to contend that. He is the best bartender in the whole country. You would expect that his cocktails are expensive, correct? Guess again. There happy hour is an extraordinary one and deals with a large list of house cocktails for an affordable cost. The undervalued food specials start from $3 - $8 and can considerably be paired with the help of your knowledgeable waiter.

My all time favorite place would have to be Amber Seattle! Best place for seattle happy hour